Product CSV Import File Fields

Product import files accept a number of required and non-required fields. This section describes what content and values are accepted to create and update products in Swivt.

CSV File Examples

Below are some product CSV file examples to get you started:

📎 Standard Product CSV Example
📎 Family Product CSV Example

Standard Fields

  Field Name
Required Must be Unique Accepted Values


✔️ ✔️ Alphanumeric SKU123
name ✔️ Alphanumeric T-Rex Plushie
Happy Ninja Hoodie
type STANDARD (default)
barcodes Alphanumeric with multiple values separated by commas. 901255532232
active TRUE (default)
width Numeric 32
length Numeric 32
height Numeric 32
weight Numeric 32
description Alphanumeric This T-Rex has huge teeth and may scare pets and young children.
tags Tags with the format:

Tags must already exist in Swivt. Multiple tags can be separated by commas.

Price Fields

Buy and Sell prices from different currencies are also accepted as part of an import file. Unlike the standard fields names above that stay the same, field names for prices change depending on the currency and whether it is a buy or sell price.

Column names take the format:



  • Type is either buy or sell.
  • Currency is any 3 letter ISO currency code.

Example field names are sellUsd and buyGbp.

The values accepted by a price field can be any decimal number that represents a price.

Family Products

Family products with variations (ie. colours, sizes etc) can be created using a CSV import file but require multiple rows. There must be one FAMILY type product and one or more STANDARD type products that represent variations.

The FAMILY type product requires an additional field named childProductSkus that holds a comma delimited list of SKUs for the STANDARD type products that will become variations. This will link them together into a family.

Updating Products

When the optional ID field is included in an import file, Swivt will find an existing product with that ID and update it with data from the other fields. Existing data for these products will be overwritten.

The ID field for an existing product can be found in a Product CSV Export file, or in the URL of any selected product in Swivt.