Import Products

When you need to create a large number of products the standard product creation method can be slow and laborious. Using an import file makes bulk product creation quick and repeatable.

Product Import Template

If you're starting from scratch we recommend downloading our product import template to use as the basis for your own product import file.

The product is in CSV format - you can view and make changes to this file in an editor like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or LibreOffice.

Add a Product

Each row in the product import file represents a product that will be created upon upload. Fill out at least the sku and name fields for each row and ensure that the headings for each column are present. 

Save your product import file in CSV format when done.

Check out the full List of Product Import Fields.

Upload Product Import File

From the products page click the CSV upload button. Select your product import file and the upload will begin.

Note: The CSV upload button is only visible when the product detail pane is closed.

Upon completion you will be presented with the upload results. If you wish to view them in detail then click the CSV button.

The resulting CSV file contains the original data and a a failure reason if there was a problem.