Stock Items

What are Stock Items?

Alex runs a store that sells widgets.

Stock Items represent the physical widgets that Alex is storing right now. They enable her to track each widget individually from the time it is received through to its shipment.

Whenever Alex receives new widgets from a supplier she creates a new Stock Item  for it.

She can assign a product to it so that Swivt knows what it is. Stock records don't need products assigned to them, but they won't be saleable until they do.

She can assign a location to it so she knows where to find it at any stage. Swivt indicates where to find the right widgets during shipment fulfilment based on this information.

Add Stock

Received new stock from a supplier? Create a Stock Item.

Quick Note: Stock can be created with as much or as little information as you have right now. Additional information can be added at any stage.
Select the Stock tab from the main menu.
Click the + button at the bottom-left to open a new blank stock record in the detail pane.
Enter a Shipment Name if the item is part of a shipment.
Select a Purchase Order if the item is part of an existing purchase order.
Select a Product if you know what this item is now.
Select a Warehouse Location if you will be storing it in a designated place.