Shipments Sync

When you activate a Shopify or WooCommerce store integration, Swivt will begin synchronising product stock levels, new products, sales and shipments. This article provides further information about how shipment synchronisation occurs.


While a store integration is activated, the completion of a shipment in Swivt will trigger the completion of the corresponding sale in the connected Shopify or WooCommerce store.

This has a slightly different functionality depending on the type of store:

  • Shopify - The Fulfilment Status of the corresponding sale will be set to Fulfilled and the tracking number with carrier entered in Swivt will be synced to the Shopify Fulfilment.
  • WooCommerce - The Status of the corresponding sale will be set to Completed.

Conversely when the final stage of a shipment in Swivt is undone, the status and tracking changes on the corresponding sale will also be reversed.